About Vincent Labatut

I’m a developer

Hi, I’m Vincent Labatut, I’ve been working with Microsoft technologies for the past 13 years. I’ve started developing web sites in ASP with SQL Server 7 databases before getting involved into the .NET framework. I’ve always payed attention on coding best practices, smooth team work and reliable deliveries, I just wanted to produce good work. I’ve endorsed almost naturally the role of build master or release manager many times in my different projets and missions.

I’m a build master

Throughout the years, I’ve used different source controllers (SourceSafe, ClearCase, SVN), build managers (homemade scripts, Draco.NET, CruiseControl.NET) and bug tracking solutions (Gemini, JIRA, Mantis).

I spent some time automating the release process and it allowed more frequent and stable releases. I had the chance to implement my own build engine in VBScript on the top of the .NET Framework 1.0, parsing project files and passing parameters to the csc.exe compilers, this is just an example of making the build and delivery process  an easy task to better concentrate on the product and its overall quality in integration platforms.

I’ve specialized into TFS and Visual Studio

I came to TFS later, I realized quickly I knew about almost every bits of TFS : the developper perspective, SQL Server, the source controller and build engine,¬† SharePoint, the cube and the reporting, ALM process, Project management and bug tracking), all this sounded natural to me and I could get familiar with TFS very fast. I really think TFS is a very nice product for what you can do with it, it is very flexible and powerful. Can’t say it is perfect of course, but support is great, and the product team is constantly bringing down new features and satellite tooling. Microsoft is dogfooding a lot with TFS.

I like agility and testing

I’d like to get more involved into scrum or truly agile projects because I do believe this kind of approach is more satisfactory to everyone : developpers are getting more involved, client gets more satisfaction. I’m a Scrum Master but not very experienced as such yet. I’ve been using a lot unit testing and I don’t consider any serious (or less serious, depends…) development without writing tests in parallel. Unit tests help me to forge my code. They also help the class design and naturally drive us to use the Single Responsability Principle : what is the responsability of this class ? Shouldn’t I add a provider class to feed it with data ?

Anything that brings quality to a product with interest me, and tests are my latest interest in ALM (which is quite vast), manual campaigns and test automation are a different job than developing, but linking developments to tests is very interesting.

My company

In now work as a consultant in SOGETI in Bordeaux. I’m doing very interesting work with TFS there but not only, I regularly get involved in various projects.

SOGETI France has launched a program of high quality delivery around Microsoft technologies, and recruited a few expert people for this, I just had the luck to be part of the adventure ! We are named “SOGETI .NET Rangers”, this name is actually quite funny in France, we are supposed to be “warriors” and it’s not very usual in the french professional world.
Note : this is not the Microsoft ALM Rangers program.

Where I live

I live in Bordeaux, it is very nice city in a beautiful region in France.

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