Hi there, yet another ALM blog!

Welcome to my new blog in English! I’m so glad it’s live now, and to be honest it has not been very difficult, I’m right in the standards : I chose Arvixe as my hoster and the very well known WordPress as blog engine which I’ve been using to set up another Web Site. Now I just need a bit of work on the appearance (banner and pictures) to make it match my profile : .NET, ALM, gaming nostalgia…

I have another blog in French but there are so many people I can’t reach because of the french language barrier : the fact is that I regularly face with specific cases with Team Foundation Server that I’d be glad to share and eventually get feedback. I’m constantly trying to improve my knowledge of the tools and how I can set up good practices. There is still a lot to do around TFS to make things better, even with standard solutions. I’m just delighted that it is usually quite easy to adapt TFS to my clients needs.

I’ve been doing some interesting work with TFS recently, I’m thinking about my biggest client at the moment which I won’t name, but it doesn’t matter does it ? I want to share some bits of my thoughts, my problems and solutions, pieces of code I’ve written and the like.

I’ve introduced myself a bit in the about page of this blog.

Let’s start talking about “real” things now Winking smile